Decorative Concrete

Boles Paving offers an array of beautiful decorative concrete stamped patterns and technologies to choose from. Today's design offerings include a plethora of different colors, patterns, and textures.

Choose from European cobblestone design or a herringbone brick in a regal dark gray or rich rust integral color. There are several combinations to choose and we can assist you with a style that will work within your  project needs and budget. 

Learn more about how decorative concrete is created at Stampcrete, one of our reliable manufacturer partner's websites, where they demonstrate the steps to traditional stamping. 

Get ideas for different stamp patterns.

Look at different color options

Decorative Stains

The Stampcrete Patina stain system is a great way to take an existing or new surface and create a real “wow” statement. This flooring option is becoming more popular with grills, bars and malls. And with the numerous design options decorators and designers can really get creative. Using stencils and other guides you can achieve almost any look you want. Get ideas on decorative staining at Stampcrete

Decorative Stencils 

Stencils are made of thick, tear-resistant paper covered with a water-resistant coating. The stencil patterns consist of only the "mortar joint," with the "brick" or "stones" cut out. Stencils for concrete come in a wide variety of popular patterns ranging from running bond brick to stone, slate, and tiles.

Visit our trusted manufacturer partner, Artcrete Inc.,  for a full line of decorative stencils to choose from

Polished Concrete

Obtain a sleek, glossy, and sophisticated floor with polished concrete flooring. Learn more about the polished concrete systems available from our reliable concrete partner, Scofield.


Ask us about how several of our products may contribute to LEED points under the Sustainable Sites category: 7.1.

"Just wanted to let you know what an awesome job you did. Thank you so much for your hard work and for working with us in getting what we wanted."

- Pam Harrell

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